Vintage Range

Welcome to our range of mature block cheddars for the serious aged cheddar lover.  Our range starts with a bold, bitey and chalky, 3 year matured cheddar. We then have a 2 year vintage with plenty of bite but creamier in texture, which we blend to create a range that satisfies just about every cheddar fan.

Wedge sizes range from 90 -150g

3yr Vintage

Our bold 3yr matured cheddar with a bite and chalky texture that’s hard to resist.


Vintage Block

A sharp mature vintage aged approximately 18mths – 2 years.


Vintage Pepper

Crushed green peppercorns scattered through our 2yr aged vintage.


Kalamata Olive & Garlic

Our 2yr aged cheddar combined with kalamata olives and garlic.


Vintage Chilli & Paprika

Mild sweet chilli and paprika blended with our 2yr aged cheddar.


Ploughman’s Cheddar

Reminiscent of a ploughmans lunch our aged cheddar is blended with pickled onion.


Vintage Smoked

Our 2 yr vintage cheddar infused with Apple Smoke oil.


Garlic Delight

Fermented Bredbo black garlic blended with our 2yr vintage cheddar


Mystery Bay Kelp

Locally harvested seaweed (by Mystery Bay Kelp) blended with our 2yr vintage cheddar.


Wasabi Vintage

Just a sprinkle of Wasabi blended with our 2yr Vintage cheddar to give you a little heat without the usual Wasabi after burn!


Trilogy Firecracker

Three vintage/tasty cheeses pressed in a cheese board ready wedge (Firecracker, Vintage and Kalamata Garlic).


Trilogy TBG

Three vintage/tasty cheeses pressed in a cheese board ready wedge (Tomato, Basil & Garlic, Vintage and Cracked Pepper).


Premium Vintage

This is a smooth yet bitey 2 year old vintage cheddar perfect for any cheese platter.


Vintage Blue

Our bold super blue blended with our 2 yr vintage cheddar.



Dry hard cheese with a strong flavour.



A crumbly sharp parmesan perfect for any pasta dish.


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